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Financial planning must begin with you.

  •     What is really important to you in the context of the rest of your life?
  •     What are the overriding values that are basic to your life?
  •     If everything else were to fail you, what values would still guide your life?
  •     What areas of life/living are you committed to enhancing or changing during the rest of your life?
  •     What is left for you to see, do, be, become, experience, acquire, accomplish, and/or provide for?
  •     What legacy, what lasting impact, do you want to have after you're gone?

These are the issues/factors that make one's life whole, complete and fulfilling – a life worth living, a life that can be free of the "normal" day-to-day fears and frustrations.

With this information we can, together, use your time, energy and money to develop customized plans to build your fulfilling life.

It really doesn't take huge amounts of money to achieve success. We at MoneySmartLiving have been helping people do just that since 1984. Many started with very small sums of money.

Nearly all of us have had money, and not had money. We usually have discovered that it is more pleasant to have it. And for most of us, investing is frustrating and seems complicated, maybe even dangerous.

We often wind up trying a lot of different things, listening to a lot of different people, becoming frustrated and fearful, knowing that we must do something, hoping that we are doing enough and frankly knowing we aren't. Never being confident, never having a real vision or plan for where we are going (let alone how to get there), we end up being fearful, stuck and "pros at crastinating" with no real plan or much of a future that's any different from the past and the present.

Without a specific plan, we can be certain and confident of very little. No plan works out exactly as expected, but plans do provide us focus, confidence and nearly always do work out. They can always be adjusted and revised as our lives change!

Every vacation has detours. And no detour has to ruin a vacation.

Working with you, we will develop a plan that works, a plan that focuses on what's important to you, on the steps it will take for you and your family to steadily and successfully build toward achieving what you want -- a life that is whole, complete and fulfilling without worry, stress and fear.

While developing your customized financial program, we will walk with you through a step-by-step process instilling confidence in your choices, and designing appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives. We can help you execute a sound financial program utilizing the following products and services:

  •     Debt Elimination
  •     Day-to-Day Cash Flow Management (Personal)
  •     Insurance Management
  •     Investment Management
  •     College Planning and Funding
  •     Asset Protection
  •     Tax Management Planning
  •     Federal, State and Local Employee Benefits
  •     Private Employer – Employee Benefits
  •     Veteran Benefits
  •     Business Succession Planning
  •     Retirement Strategies
  •     Social Security Benefit Strategies
  •     Estates Conservation and Transfer
  •     Legacy Planning

MoneySmartLiving is committed to clear communications with you, our client. If that is not occurring for your, we want and expect you to tell us.

If you have questions or are frustrated at any time, please stop and tell us. You deserve to be heard and understood, and we want to hear and understand you. If this is not happening, stop us and tell us. Do not worry about offending. If we do not understand, we cannot serve you.

We commit to make the answers to your questions/concerns AND your plan both clear and satisfactory to you. We will make whatever changes are necessary to suit you.

At MoneySmartLiving

            We do what works for our clients,

                        empowering them to live the

                                    lives they have chosen.


            That's our commitment.

                        You can count on it!

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck