Balance in Exchange, Fees

Building Full & Satisfying Lives!

I believe in a principle I call “Balance in Exchange.”  This principle is based on building a relationship of balance and fairness in the exchange of all our time, energy, and/or money. 

These three relationships must be balanced: the Client, the Company, and the Representative.

The Client:  Each product or service offered must meet a real need; must be affordable by the client in terms of time, energy, and/or money; must fulfill the needs and goals of the client; and must be in “balance” (i.e., fit, complement) with other needs, goals, and lifestyle of the client.

The Company:  The company offering a product or service must be competitive in quality, service, and price; must fairly and accurately represent its product or service; must believe in its product or service; must support and back it up; and must be making a reasonable profit when selling its product or service.

The Representative:  The compensation due the representative selling a product or service must be fair and adequate to make a reasonable living given the time, energy, knowledge, and expertise utilized.

We practice the “Balance” principle by offering appropriate information and education while matching a product/service to a consumer’s real need and wants.


We are in the business of building people and using products and services to do it. 

We are not in the business of selling products and services and using people to do it.




There is never a fee or charge for the initial "get acquainted" meeting. Let's sit down together, get to know each other, explore options, see how we work together, and discover the basis for moving forward.

Our Compensation is flexible and includes Fee-for-Service work that can be flat fee or hourly, based on Assets Under Management for a Fee; exclusively commission-based work; or a combination of both.  

After years of struggling with clients about this issue, with little satisfactory resolution, I suggest that most clients simply pay for “face to face” time (includes extended consultation by phone, mail and email) at the same hourly rate as they earn. This does not include the average of 1-3 hours I take preparing for each “face to face” meeting, except for extended projects. I may also earn commissions on products clients choose to purchase.

For extended projects (such as specific research; sorting through estate papers; data collection; consultations with other professionals; research, analysis, evaluation, calculation, design and redesign of plans; and the preparation and presentation of such plans, services and products recommended to implement those plans, etc.), the same hourly rate applies beyond “face to face” time.

When your investment portfolio is managed by Peak Wealth Group, LLC, your money is managed using a prudent management process designed and monitored according to our stringent guidelines. All investment portfolios are managed according to the investment policy statement (IPS) produced for you during the planning process. The fee for managing your assets is collected quarterly in arrears, reported to you in writing, and is typically deducted from your portfolio with your kind permission.


NOTE:  Trade instructions by text cannot be honored.